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Acoustics. Next to your speakers, your room is probably the biggest contributor to the quality of the sound. We here at Audioholics care about acoustics as we understand that it is one of the major factors affecting your listening experience. The Auralex Room Analysis Plus gives you the ability to not only get recommendations about treating your room, but a report based on ACTUAL MEASUREMENTS! And it doesn't cost thousands of dollars either.

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So....where's the review? Am I missing something?


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Its fixed now. Check it again. thx.


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Bass trapping in the corner: as much as you can. Absorbtion/diffusion at first reflection points.

This is the standard advice you see in most posts asking for room treatment help. Every room will benefit from these basic treatments.

In fact, if you go onto forums for people setting up in home recording studios, the advice is much the same.

As intriguing an idea as this service is, if you are going to spend money, spend it on treatments.

If you are inclined to see what your rooms acoustic profile, download REW (freeware), pick up the mic etc. and measure AND graph to your hearts content. Spend some of that $250 on your significant other so she is more likely to tolerate your obsession. :)


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I'd kinda have to agree with Fred here. I mean, it's a good thing to know the specific issues in any room, but it's not terribly relevant in most cases because the solution will be the same in all but the most unusual cases. After all the basics are covered in terms of room treatments, then measurements become useful in terms of finding the nagging problems, and avoiding over treating one particular area or another.



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An article on the thing that most influences sound quality (after the speaker) and... silence...


Anyone try this product?

Anyone try this product yet? I might try the free version without the mic. The thought of having to record the sweep is daunting (I don't have any recording devices except an ancient circa 1985 Sony tape deck) so I anticipate it will be frustrating for me.

My issue is that I have an almost perfectly square room, concrete floors, and the ceiling is dropped down to about 7 ft across the front and along one side (a basement room with bulkheads for HVAC and plumbing) so I'm thinking the room will definitely need to be tamed.

Does anyone know if the microphone can be plugged into the 'mic in' on a laptop and use Sound Recorder or something like that to record the sweep?

Heck does Windows Vista even still have Sound Recorder? ....well if not, I'm sure there's freeware somewhere and Google might rescue me (again!)

Comments? :confused:

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