Audyssey DSX 10.2 Surround Sound Overview



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Audyssey as a company is sort of a brain trust that creates and licenses signal processing solutions. They employ the sciences of psychoacoustics, acoustics, signal processing and use highly complex mathematical algorithms to put those Mega Flop DSP chips to work to do dynamic equalization and derive extra channels for surround sound.

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I'm intrigued but I'll be waiting till a receiver supports DSX AND has 10.2 channels available to it.

so would you just use surround speakers for all except the left, right, center and subwoofers? or will there be special speakers for width, hight, rear, etc.


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With so many speakers, what would be the required for the ceiling for the "height" speakers? We're dealing with angles, so I'm assuming that the further your listening area is from the source than the ceiling needs to be higher but let's say for a distance of 10 ft. from a TV, any guess about the ceiling height required?

Also, with the added speakers, would smaller speakers but in greater numbers still offer enough dB output or "loudness"?

Budget aside, I can't imagine convincing my wife to let me install so many speakers in our living room :eek:



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