<font color='#000000'>Okay, I am interested in delving into this HT world. I hane only recently owned used a Infinity Infintessimal stereo system. I have been reading all diff borads ans visiting stereo stores. Albeit I am still confused, however I have narrowed down the search to....Receivers HK AVR 525 /Marantz SR7300 (refurb) / Onkyo TXSR 800 (refurb) &nbsp;These all come in under 699.00. For spaekers I have really looked into (not heard) the Axiom line. Good reviews, aesthetically appealing. However their subs lacked praise. As far as setup I was looking at the M22's / VP100 /QS4's/ My area is not large 13 x 14, semi open. System will be used for music 45%, HT 55%. I have heard that people paired the Axioms with Velodyne Subs. I am on a budget and need to come in around or under 2K. Would I benefit from floorstanding speakers for the front better? This is all new to me. Once I read something, I read another and get confused. Any help will be appreciated
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