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When it comes time to size up a subwoofer's performance, the proof is in the measurement! Audioholics takes a hard look at the science of subwoofer measurements in a two-part series covering a broad spectrum of measurement methods, useful to both pro and enthusiast alike. The purpose of both documents are to present a set of measurement guidelines by which a comprehensive objective assessment of a subwoofer’s performance can be developed. Included within this document’s definition of a subwoofer are: single & multiple driver subwoofer systems; powered and passive systems; systems featuring vented or totally enclosed cabinets; along with less common items such as dipole subwoofers. Let the science begin!"

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mike c

mike c

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can the US finally have its own set of AVTALK/SHACK tests?

meaning: the whole shebang of THD, GD, PC, FR

the Europeans just don't have access to US only subwoofers.


can the US finally have its own set of AVTALK/SHACK tests?
That would be great. More measurements of audio products is always very welcome and I'm glad to see Audioholics writing on this with so much detail. I can't wait for part II.


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These must be amongst the best and most informative measurments on subwoofers provided by any reviewers. Well, you have already provided some of those measurments in some of the reviews, and I find them to be extraordinarily informative.

I really like the SPL curves at different power levels :D

Keep up the good work


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