Audio Precision APx585 Audio Analyzer to Revolutionize A/V Measurements



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Ever so often something revolutionary happens in the A/V world that changes it forever. Rarely do you ever hear an A/V publication pay homage to a test equipment company. The new APx585 8CH HDMI Audio Analyzer from Audio Precision deserves the highest praises for single handedly being the most powerful, yet easiest to use multi channel Audio Analyzer on the market. For the first time in the history of this industry, we will be able to conduct full blown multi channel analysis of amplifiers, receivers, Blu-ray players via the HDMI interfaces to quantify audio performance through the entire signal chain. We look forward to the improvement of our review process thanks to this marvelous tool.

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yep using it now with a smile on my face every time I see how flexible and easy it is to operate. I still can't believe it. I haven't gotten this excited about a physical possession since I got my kbp 07 TL Type S :)


Hi, I just joined because of this thread. Have you completed any reviews with the new test equipment?

I'm REALLY interested in follow up to your comment about finally quantifing differences between the bitstreamed HDMI audio out of a inexpensive Blu-Ray player compared to the bitstreamed HDMI audio out of an expensive player. (your example was $500 OPPO vs $4K Denon)

I believe that both players should be sending the exact same data stream to the AVR, but with this test equipment you can prove or disprove this.

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