Atmos Music Headphones



I think it is time for someone to come out with a true multi driver surround sound headphone kit for music. Not just processing to fake it in two channels, and I don’t mean head tracking. It would require some way of accessing and processing Atmos content from Apple or Tidal. You would probably have to induce some fake room resonance to get convincing above or behind sound. There are multi driver headphones in existence for gamers.
it would be pretty cool to kick back in a comfortable chair and have a true Atmos music experience with a set of high quality headphones, IMHO.
Or, is the spatial processing with two channels good enough? I haven’t found it to be so.


There was a multi driver headphone several years ago. I almost bought them but the reviews were not great and they were never in stock. I think they were called Sharkoon something but looking for them now the net is flooded with Razer branded junk.

There were three headset with discreet drivers that existed and can still be found mentioned:
Arctic Sound P531
Psyko Carbon
Cooler MasterCM Storm Sirus

As of today, that tech has been phased out but just like anything that has seen it's day, hipsters will find a way to bring it back from the dead and make it cool again. Fingers crossed they put speakers back into the front of TV's again instead of behind to boost soundbar sales.


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In my experience you are best with traditional headphones as with multiple elements in headphones they are too close to each other to really benefit from it. Good quality headphones do quite well on surround effect if the source is good. Of course different headphones have different capabilities so this affects the effect as well.

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