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Jim from Iowa asks us how in the world he's supposed to make use of all the new HDMI-capable components he has when his TV and AV receiver don't have enough inputs. It's a good question, and one that many people are asking as more and more manufacturers place HDMI into their products. We tackle it a couple of ways to give you options for maintaining a great picture and also retaining the ability to get the best audio quality possible.

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HDMI Inputs

Question to the user: Why have a DVD player AND a PS-3? Why not just use your PS-3 as the DVD player? With a Nyko IR remote adapter, you can control the PS-3 with any universal remote (that's what I do).


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Question to the user: Why have a DVD player AND a PS-3? Why not just use your PS-3 as the DVD player? With a Nyko IR remote adapter, you can control the PS-3 with any universal remote (that's what I do).
Probably because the PS3 is a lousy SD DVD player compared to the Oppo Digital.

What I want from Impact Acoustics is an audio AND video switcher that maintains ALL of the resolution for audio and video. I am going to buy a Denon AVR 688 for the master bedroom soon and I am going to try running my existing Impact Acoustics 5x1 HDMI switcher upstream of my receiver and use its output to the receiver to see if it works for audio and video in this suggested configuration. If it does, that would be great. No more worries about jumping up to the most expensive AV receiver just to get more HDMI inputs.

Has anyone tried this and do you think that it is too component reliant to say that it will work in every configuration?


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I've owned an oppo player, and I currently use a PS3 for SD DVD playback, and I don't see where the Oppo has better pic quality.


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I personally use an SD DVD player and a PS3 just to keep the wear and tear down on my PS3. While there aren't too many reports of over-use damage on the PS3's, they are still way more expensive than replacing a regular player so I'll just stick with that.



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I have not seen an oppo dvd player, but I have a PS3, and it looks stunning with upconverted DVD playback on my SXRD.....

Just my 2c, and I do realize that the PS3 form factor is an issue for some...

I love it! :)
mike c

mike c

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my reason for using my SD DVD player is that it plays all regions.
my ps3 plays only local DVD's.

and yeah, i have three HDMI sources - but i'm still saving money to buy a receiver with 4 inputs :)


Misconception about Component video

Assuming that his AVR upconverts video to the HDMI output port, there is no reason not to connect everything to the inputs of the AVR, only with a minor change. The most efficient way would have to be to connect the PS3 and OPPO DVD player via HDMI and connect the cable box and XBOX 360 via component. This would allow for HD audio via the PS3 and upconverted picture via the OPPO. Granted the XBOX 360 can output at 1080p via HDMI, but unless you are using a 60" TV or sitting really close, you will never see the difference between 720p and 1080p. So make it easy and don't require a switching of video on your display!


Oppo makes a 3 input HDMI device as does Impact Acoustics. I really like the Radiient HDMI switchers that have models with at least 4 HDMI inputs.


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Oppo players have much better image processing when output through HDMI

I've read several reviews saying that although Oppo DVD players are stellar performers on 'video torture' tests when output via HDMI, the same isn't true if they are output via component. I'm not sure if this is true of all Oppo DVD players, but it is for some.
mike c

mike c

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i don't think my DVD player even upconverts to component ... only HDMI
Hi Ho

Hi Ho

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No DVD player upconverts over component due to copy protection. I agree that the Xbox should go to component before the Oppo. Connecting the Oppo with component negates the upconversion function. The Xbox can output 1080p over component.

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