Artison Debuts Ultra Thin Attachable LCR-DM DualMono Speakers



Audioholics Robot
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Artison, a manufacturer of custom high-performance loudspeakers, introduced its new thin attachable LCR DualMono (LCR-DM) speakers at CEDIA 2010. The lineup included the new Masterpiece LCR-DM, as well as Portrait LCR-DM and Sketch LCR-DM models. The loudspeakers all feature “Easy Match Custom Grilles†that are sold separately and shipped within 48 hours. Artison’s LCR-DM’s have been completely re-designed to match today’s ultra-thin flat-panel displays, providing a high-performance audio solution for discriminating home entertainment enthusiasts who want to enjoy a Total Involvement Experience. The new Masterpiece, Portrait and Sketch LCR-DMs will be available in September 2010.

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