Are You an AV Professional? This Music Video is for You



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Every once in a while we see something that's funny enough to put on our home page. This time around it's a video called A/V Professional by "HiPhi" and directed by Joel T Wilson. We got an email from him this week which went a little like this: "I've created what I believe to the definitive video detailing the life of an A/V Professional (possibly the only one). Any feedback/input would be much appreciated." Well, our feedback is that it's pretty darn funny... so we're linking to it.

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You guys are just jealous. TLS is drawing up paperwork to handle future recordings. :)


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I thought it was pretty creative. He rhymes technical terms and that is not easy to do.

It's kind of in the same spirit as Weird Al's "It's all about the Pentiums' which I love.


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Weird Al's got that guy smoked. :p

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I agree, it's cheesy. However, I sent it to a friend of mine that's a salesman for a company that does installs for offices, hotels, casinos, etc of av equipment. It's apparently been forwarded on to the entire compnay, including the CEO, and on to Crestron and Extron. My friend said Extron has said they are now trying to potentially get the guy to make a showing at a tradeshow called Infocomm that I haven't heard of. That, plus apparently my buddy that I told about this is now a "superstar" at his work according to him. Haha. Guess people literally doing what that guy does appreciate it the most-at the least, it brougth a smile to a bunch of people.
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Philosopher Bugs Bunny said it best and I quote:

"one mans meat is another mans poison". In this case, meat = cheese :)

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