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Apple had their WWDC (WorldWide Developer Conference) today and unveiled the next-gen iPhone with faster Internet access. It runs on advanced 3G wireless networks, has GPS support and the cost of entry is now just $199 for the 8GB model. This makes the entry level iPhone $100 cheaper than the equivalent 8GB iTouch.

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Wayde Robson

Wayde Robson

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Apple still hasn't stiffled my dour complaints. :)

I have to hand it to Apple. The $199-$299 price point wasn't expected, of course it's price is subsidized by AT&T with a two-year plan.

Apple had to take one on the chin from AT&T to get the low price because AT&T relinquishes kick backs to Apple for data usage. Lack of a $599 price tag for iPhone 3G gives me one less thing to complain about.

But it would be nice if Apple would learn what MMS is all about. I can't think of a cell phone that doesn't have Multi-media messaging capability. If I had an iPhone I couldn't text someone who had a phone with MMS only.

No video recording, still no copy/paste ... it's JUST copy/paste It calls itself a mobile computer ? Couldn't Windows 1.0 copy and paste?

But worst of all... still no bluetooth stereo. Streaming music wirelessly from iPhone would be really, really cool. I wonder if all those companies that invested in iPod ports have something to do with the stereo-bluetooth lockdown at Apple? I smell a conspiracy!

Newer Alpine head units can do Bluetooth stereo - works great with 99% of the media-Smartphones out you can wirelessly stream media from buddies HTC Touch while he's sitting in the back seat with your girlfriend. Oh, that same head unit also has iPod compatibility for your iPhone.

What isn't included in the product marketing blurb is that iPod compatibility requires a pricey add-on box you'd install inside your dash. Now your iPod or iPhone can connect via a cable... A CABLE! that is just soooo 2004.

I smell a conspiracy to keep stuff from being too cool!


Every time I see this thread title I keep thinking it's just another spam thread....:mad:

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