Aperion Audio Allaire Bluetooth Speaker System

Hi -Fi Haven

Hi -Fi Haven

Pros: Great price tag.
Excellent build quality.
Excellent sound quality.
Easy to setup and pair.
Excellent for both Music and Movies.

Cons: Not really a con but does not have an eARC connection.

The Aperion Audio Allaire Bluetooth Speaker System is my first foray in to the realm of powered speakers. My first foray has been an outstanding one! The Allaire system has totally exceeded my expectations.
Setup is a breeze! My wife timed me from the moment that started to connect the speakers. Connection, pairing, to the start of music listening took just a little over two minutes. I love easy and quick startups.
I put the Aperion Audio Allaire Bluetooth speaker system on top of my entertainment center. 26 1/2 inches above the floor, 66 inches apart center to center, and 94 inches from my listening position.
For streaming to the speaker system I used my iPhone 12 Max Pro. I listened to Apple Music and Amazon Music CD quality tracks. The Allaire systems sampling rate is 16 bit 44.1kHz. No matter what genre of music that I listened too, I was was greeted by rich full sound. Open detailed highs with no harshness or brightness, detailed midrange, and nice punchy bass. I then connected my Klipsch R-100SW to the subwoofer output located on the rear of the left speaker. This took the Aperion Audio Allaire Bluetooth Speaker System to the next level. Handing over bass duties to the subwoofer let the 4 inch fiberglass woofer just focus on the midrange. Music opened up even more with of course there was more bass extension. Next I connected a CD player with the supplied optical cable to the optical input on the rear of the left speaker. I experienced the same wonderful sound as when I was streaming music.
For testing movie soundtracks I was not able to connect my Sony Bravia XR television directly to the Allaire Bluetooth speaker system. My television does not have an optical output, and the speaker system only has an optical input. So for movie testing I queued up the VUDU app on my iPad and streamed the audio to the Allaire speaker system. I used Mad Max Fury Road for the test. First I used the speaker system in a 2.0 configuration. Dialogue was crisp and clear. Big soundstage and decent amount of LFE. The I reattached my subwoofer. Again as with music this took my now movie watching experience to the next level. Letting the subwoofer handle the LFE track let the Allaire speaker system to focus on dialogue anhigher frequency sound effects
I found the Aperion Audio Allaire Bluetooth Speaker System to be a solid performer and great bang for the buck. I would like to see Aperion Audio add an eARC HDMI connection to the system. This would expand connectivity and convenience.
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Our house is not wired for whole house audio. The portability of the system is convenient for us to use in different rooms. Have a great one!
I meant using wifi instead of bluetooth, it's simply better.....
Hi -Fi Haven

Hi -Fi Haven

I do both wireless and Bluetooth. Range is better with Bluetooth in our home.

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