Anti-light screen or normal projection screen?



I'm going to buy an ultra-short throw laser projector and want to use VIVIDSTORM's motorized projection screen, but the price of the alr screen is a bit high, must I use the alr screen with ambient light suppression? Will the effect be much worse?


Audioholic Warlord
If you have a properly light controlled room, you do not need a ALR screen.

If you have ambient light coming into the room from windows or similar, then you will benefit from a ALR screen.

It is way cheaper to use a fixed frame UST/ALR screen. The motorized and tensioned surface has some cost to combine with the ALR material. It's not expensive, it's priced appropriately.

The BIG LIE is that UST projectors require UST/ALR screens. This is simply untrue. But, if you have ambient light, then there is a reason why AMBIENT LIGHT rejecting screens exist. You must get a UST model of ALR screen if using a UST projector and you need a ALR screen.

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