Andrew Jones => Where is he ? Mofi



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Hi Gang,

I was wondering where Andrew Jones landed after Elac and today stumbled onto this You Tube video

Why Andrew Jones left Elac (although the title isn't really what the video is about)

Checking out Andrew seems to be partnering with them to build a new unrelated product.

(My guess would be truly wireless speakers with each one self contained, as I think that's where the market needs to go to thrive. Just plug it into a wall and light 'em up. Configure it in any arrangement you want. Stereo, 5 speakers, 7 speakers, add Subs, etc. But I could be all wet.)

I was surprised Andrew chose Cheap Audio Man's channel for this but hey, why not?

I guess I'll keep waiting to see what product he's got planned after his year of gestation.

What do you think is up?

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