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I have a older HT subwoofer build (kappa sub build) in which I used a 12” car audio sub. I’m thinking about replacing that 12” with another car audio subwoofer that I have laying around, Sundown Audio SA-12 D4. I have been using a Oaudio bash plate amp but it sounds broken, very boomy and none of the controls make a difference when trying to adjust it. Instead of having the amp fixed I figured it’s best just to replace since it’s around 8yrs old. I was thinking about going with a pro amp, I know the ep2500/4000 was a good match, but those seem discontinued. What is a good pro amp now days and what else do I need, external crossover? Thanks for the advice!


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The SA-12 is a very nice driver... Definitely something that can be worked with.
Driver details: https://sundownaudio.com/lv/sa/subwoofers/sa-series/

The DVC 4ohm wiring is a little tricky as you'll need to either choose 2ohm or 8ohm wiring options.
2ohm will limit amplification options & become more expensive as will quality plate amplification...

SpeakerPower's SP1-2400 plate $1089usd delivers 1250w RMS into 8ohm (little more than needed) but offers you the ability to preselect a HPF & adjust delay 0-20ms.. An expensive option though.

External pro amplification with DSP is your best choice..

If doing a single subwoofer, wired to 8ohm (recommended) any of the Crown XLS series from the 1502 -2502 will work bridged mono 8ohm, they have power limiters in place & a 30hz HPF to protect the driver baked in.
If added DSP is required or desire to adjust filters/slopes or apply house curves you'd need a MiniDSP 2x4hd.
If dual subs you can wire to 2ohm & use a XLS2502 2x 1200w/2ohm $729

Behringer's NX3000D model with DSP would be a great solution offering 800w/8ohm bridged, adjustable power limiter & user selectable HPF (plus DSP options) Currently just under $389usd
If you aspire toward dual subs down the line then its the $550usd NX6000D with 2x 800w/8ohm & all the features listed above.

If you'd like to dig into this more & see how the driver will function in your enclosure (or build a new one) then I'd recommend researching WinISD.. found here... http://www.linearteam.org/ & following this video tutorial.

Best of luck on your future project.

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