Alternative to Sony Wf-1000mx4



I have the Sony Wf-1000mx4, i love the Sound with LDAC and Dolby Atmos.
But the In-ears wont fit to my ears. I have tryed some Different Tips.

Are they alternatives to the Sonys?
I looked to Soundcore liberty 3, jabra elite 85t and Sennheiser momentum 2, but a lot of user are saying that the Sonys are still better in Soundquality
I hear a lot of Metall and some Classic music and mostly via "Deezer Hifi" in LDAC-quality

Greetings from Germany

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By getting another pair of in-ear you most likely won't get any better fit unless you get IEM that are custom made to your ears or get custom made tips for your IEM. I think there should be some companies that make them in Europe as well.

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