ALMA Student Loudspeaker Design Competition



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ALMA, the International Loudspeaker Association, is trying to reach out to students (DYI-ers) by holding the first-ever Student Loudspeaker Design Competition. Entrants must be full-time students at an accredited college or graduate institution. Students will be invited to submit their designs and measurements for a pair of loudspeakers by mail. Finalists will be selected by an ALMA judging panel and will be invited to display their speakers and design data at the ALMA International Winter Symposium in Las Vegas Jan 4-5, 2011, two-days before the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

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This is an outstanding opportunity for a student to get their work noticed, but more than that, for everyone involved to get exposure to the other side of the industry. There are a lot of heavy hitters involved with this project; folks that have been hugely influential on the industry in the past and people that are at the forefront of the industry now.

Please, help encourage participation with the program and be supportive of the effort however possible. Who knows, if this goes well, maybe next year there could be a DIY version of the competition? As an ALMA board member and past VP, I would vote for it.


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