home page has the system guides section which lists a $12,000 HT.I'm willing to spend 10-12,000 but wanted some other ideas as far as the video is concerned.I'm not sure about a front projection only because i never owned one and being new to me is a big uncertainty.a little back ground on my space is this;20'longx18'wide room with owens corning material faced 3in. insulated panels,acoustic ceiling tiles(drop) wall to wall carpet,2 pella windows with built in mini blinds(room can be pretty dark).roughly have 10-12 feet from wall where my screen will be.I just want to be sure what I'm doing/buying before i lay out the$$.for me this is a big expense but i want a nice system to go with a nice new room!! there is so much out there and the more i research the harder it gets deciding what to get.the rptv now r pretty incredible and had my mind made up i was getting one(not sure which) until i started visiting the many sites/forums which many people r going to front projection.So any advice and help is greatly appreciated because i'm just a newbie to HT and want to do it right for the money i'm going to spend.its not just video but the whole package.thanks in advance to all who respond!!
Rip Van Woofer

Rip Van Woofer

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I'm not into HT, but from all I've heard & read front projection is the best -- if you have the budget & space (sounds like you do). RPTV's are big & bulky and as you have no doubt seen they're somewhat sensitive to viewing angle. With FP you've just got a screen (that can be retractable) and an unobtrusive projector in back of the room, probably hanging from the ceiling. All of which leaves more room for the speakers, cushy chairs, and popcorn machine :)

Since movies themselves are front projected, it seems logical that an FPTV setup would give the most "movie-like" experience.

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