A Tale of 5 Installs Part 1 - Frank's Pad



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"Frank" is a married guy who would love to have surround sound in his home. He makes a modest living so his budget is wisely limited to around $500 - which lands him squarely in the home theater-in-a-box crowd. The good news is that Frank is very handy and is completely into assisting in getting his surround sound system up and running in the best way possible. His wife is also very cool and isn't holding back his choice of products - the room and budget are going to dictate the limitations. Let's install!

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Great Series


This was a great article. Likewise, it has always given me satisfaction to introduce friends to the wonderful world of home theater!

I am really looking forward to this series of articles!

Keep up the good work!


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Clint, excellent article describing a basic install. You are one crazy mofo going into an attic anywhere in North America in the Summer, but in Florida????????!!!!!!
Hey, Frank, if I was you, I'd start asking Clint if he had some stuff laying around his place you could use. I bet he's got a closet full of gear that he's not using at the mo! ;)

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