A Beautiful Musical Tribute to Queen Elizabeth from Husband and Wife Musicians



Seriously, I have no life.
Richard McVeigh and his wife have just posted on YouTube, the beautiful Nunc Dimittis (Now Letest Thy Servant Depart in Peace) in G, by Charles Villiers Stamford from their home.

Richard McVeigh is organist to Romsey Abbey. His wife is a former girl chorister from Hereford Cathedral. She can sing with no vibrato, so her voice is not wobbling all over the place.

Richard McVeigh has a Hauptwerk organ realized and built by Viscount organs in his home. This is four manual and currently it is using the file sampled from the Willis Organ of Salisbury Cathedral.

If you have good subs, even at low volume it will gently set your floor vibrating. In this video, your speakers will be reproducing the Hauptwerk organ not via mics. I think Richard has now got this organ dead right.



Seriously, I have no life.
Oh, thanks, that's interesting.
You are welcome. If you go the "Beauty in Sound" site on YouTube, you can see the whole concert from which the Nunc Dimittis is just one item.

It is interesting to see the development of these Hauptwerk organs. Richard loads sampling of different famous organs from time to time. The Salisbury organ is a recent Hauptwerk release and I understand is available in 10 channel format. I have always loved the Salisbury organ, and I think that is my favorite of Richard's so far.

It blows my mind that you can have vastly different organs from the same console, by changing the software.

I have been a sceptic of Hauptwerk, but I have to say, I don't think I could tell it was not a real pipe organ. This is his second Hauptwerk organ. The other did not have a natural bass and was not 100% convincing. The recitals on the original instrument are still up on Richard's site.

He does have a video of his building of a little Hauptwerk chamber organ. He does have videos of him playing other organs, including Romsey Abbey. He also has other notable organists playing his organ, including Anna Lapwood.


Great description! i don't like such music, but it made me to listen to it! I read a lot about the marvelous music like https://ejemplius.com/muestras-de-ensayos/musica/ guys share. But even their professional skills didn't show the essence of the music power. How it is for the ordinary listeners and fans.
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Beautifully done !

D-town Philly is home to the famous Wanamaker pipe organ, I believe the largest in the world ?

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