5G Wireless Apocalypse: The RF Health-Risk Conspiracy



Somehow, google and all the other online analytics get me all wrong with their targeted ads. I should be inundated with all of the things associated to what I research online but I get nada. I have my spam filter set to high, and have slam-dunked and sh!t-listed every bit of unwanted advertising, and their domains for years by now to where I get very little spam anymore.

Also crap-listed gmail and every other free email hosts years ago, when I noticed that all of the virus setups, clickbait and other sketchy spam tended to come from those services. I also only accept emails from people/businesses in my address books, and those with provider supplied email accounts.

I rarely use my phone for internet, and pretty much avoid it and the web while at work or in the car. The more advanced these types of technology become, the further I remove myself from it. Mostly for no other reasons than not having time for, or interest in it, and that I don't want to look and act like those who are so addicted to it.

I got into cell phones initially, and then did without a phone of any kind for 5 years. It was so liberating to not have it to maintain or think about. It made it to where I don't really want to go back to using it beyond the absolute necessity and that's been my usage ever since.

Watching some Boomhauer trying to talk-to-text is possibly the most amusing thing I have seen lately, and how it comes out on social media, funnier yet. I have an acquaintance that was always mumbling and trying to communicate as he was turning and walking away from me. I was always having to ask him to repeat what he was saying. Now he gets to do it to himself with the phone, and I like to think of it as. . . digital justice.

Happening along in life, while so desperately and addictively clutching some electronic device is just not a good look for me, or anyone, really. It's possibly the most of a turn-off with regard to my attraction to the opposite sex, too. I have actually lost interest in dating someone recently due to too much competition with the phone.
It's definitely a huge turn off when your date just stares into her phone 80% of the time... I'm trying rn to minimize my phone uptime, using PC mostly to research/download some stuff.
Haven't check my non-working mail in months, probably filled with shady stuff at this point and I've got no intention of going through 500+mails there to see if anything worth my time

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