I'm trying to setup our media room and starting to get confused with ATMOS setup. The room is not ideal but I'm looking to get the placement for the ceiling speakers as close as possible. If 5.2.4 is too much I can always go 5.2.2 or 5.1.2 but looking for suggestions. I have read speaker placement based on measuring angles off the listeners plane or whatever... but am super confused. Thanks!




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There are several guides out there, the actual dolby site being one: https://www.dolby.com/us/en/guide/dolby-atmos-speaker-setup/5-1-4-setups.html

On first glance I wouldn't put your rear surrounds in the corner but move them up closer to 90-110 degrees from your seat (I know that will be a challenge with the door on one side and the bay window on the other). For the ceiling speakers, there is a range of in front and behind the listener. The easiest calculation is 45 degrees. Sit down and measure how far your ears are from the ceiling, then move forward on the ceiling (from the spot directly above your head) that distance and backwards. This will provide you the distance front to back of the ceiling speakers. They should then be about inline with your front speakers.

Make sure your ceiling speakers have a lot of dispersion (I went affordable in my setup with four Polk MC60).

I followed this guidance when I upgraded my system to Atmos last June and I really like it.


My first concern in your room would be that listeners don't hear the tweeters on the 5.1 surround speakers. Do you have a 5.1 setup now?

I don't have Atmos yet, but your back Atmos channels may be better closer to the back wall. In a non-ideal Atmos setup I would always get ceiling units with aimable tweeters like the MC60. Although something like the SVS prime surround speaker may be better for the rear Atmos channel. This would be placed on the rear wall

In your tight setup, your front speakers should not be rear ported. I would do bookshelves in front and a sub along the back wall. I would also experiment with the best location for the rear 5.1 speakers. Above head height sometimes works best when space is tight.

There are many surround speak designs now that attempt to solve both the tweeter and port issues in tight rooms.


Also, carefully scale the room to determine the optimal TV size based on viewing distance. You are showing about six foot wide screen, which is unnecessary for a three seat home theater. With just a three person couch I would get a 65" OLED and move the couch forward. Your best window treatment in this room would be black out drapes.

If you will add a side chair and keep the couch back, consider a projector instead of a TV. Projectors provide an immersive experience that is very cool. 1) Determine primary viewing distance 2) Determine optimal display. Also, don't let Atmos drive your design. Your display and front channels are primary.


Hi guys, I was wondering if the OP could share what setup they went for and perhaps a brief review? I have the exact same room layout and would love to know what works well! Any of you other lovely people, please feel free to share your great advice if it may have changed from when you initially replied. Thanks all

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