3 subwoofers with an AVM 70

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Just wondering how I'd go about setting up 3 subs, with only 2 outputs? Could I calibrate the 3rd sub with the ARC Mobile app, or would that cause problems down the road if I decided to recalibrate the system with ARC Genesis?


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If you've only got two adjustable sub pre-outs (for level and delay I assume), then generally you'd make two of the subs equidistant.


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If you only have 2 Sub Outs... you can split the signal, but then you really need to have those subs Symmetrical in the room and equidistant to the LP... OR, you use something like the Mini DSP which will allow you to take the signal and split it into different outputs which you then have control over more finite settings through the MiniDSP interface. However, I cannot speak to what happens if you then run that through Anthe Room Correction.

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