2008 Consumer Excellence Award Winners



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The consumer electronics industry is awash with an influx of new products. Each year it seems that every manufacturer is on a quest to outdo all others in a race to integrate more features and advanced technologies into their products. The prestigious Consumer Excellence (CE) Awards program recognizes the most advanced and forward-thinking products in crucial CE categories. Awards are given to products which serve consumers directly and also those products which serve to improve the business and success of the custom installer. The CE Awards is a clear benchmark award for the products which will make an impact in the coming year.

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Were all these products that you had in house for evaluation, just what you have seen at the various tradeshows, or a combination of both?

I am just being curious, since there were a bunch I have not seen any Audioholic reviews on, and the website search only brings up this article.



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I'm a bit confused as well. Both the "consumer excellence" award and the "product of the year" awards have a category for small subwoofer in the $800 range. Which is the better product...the Chrysalis or the Sunfire?

Or is the CE award more akin to a "design" award and not a performance/value award?


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Zion, why do you have a swf object in your post????


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I'm a bit confused as well.
Me too. In the article, Clint wrote: "The thick, furniture-grade cabinetry is easy on the eyes and minimizes resonance while our new custom 1” silk dome tweeter and redesigned dual 6.5” woven-fiberglass woofers deliver tight bass and exceptional midrange clarity."

Does Audioholics do design work for Aperion, or is Aperion part of your "family" of companies? If so, that should be stated in the article.


One thing that has always bothered me ...

on awards such as this (like Motor Trend's Car of the Year) is that only completley brand new products are reviewed. They may be the best of the completely new products offered, but that doe not necessarily mean they are better the the current not compleltely new products.

I personally would like to seee the comparison set expanded to all products and if a new product is better than an existing product, then so be it, it is the best in category. But to say a new product is best --- when some existing products IMHO are better is as bad as Barney Frank stating that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were solvent.



Okay trivia -- what was the MTCOTY mistake in 1983


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Does Audioholics do design work for Aperion, or is Aperion part of your "family" of companies? If so, that should be stated in the article.
I'm going with neither. It looks like a quick cut-and-paste job for the blurp about the speaker. Word structure is identical to the website.

If there was a connection, they'd be sold at the audioholics store. Aperion is out of Oregon.


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