2007 State of the CE Union RBH Interview



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Gene DellaSala interviews Shane Rich, Technical Director of RBH Sound, about the new and improved T-2SE/R loudspeakers. These are essentially a two-piece, modular version of the T-30LSE which allows for a more manageable cabinet size for the low and high drivers. The dual 10-inch subwoofers can now be purchased separately as well (1010-SE/R) and the entire system is much easier to physically ship and manipulate into a home theater or two-channel listening installation. The RBH Sound demo was configured into an 11.2 surround configuration to match with Yamaha's desired DSP settings.

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Gene, any comments on the 11.2 part... specifically the the front and rear height channels?


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the RBH system overpowered that little room but having hearing the 11.2 demo both there and at CEDIA, I can tell you Yamaha has come a long way for making their DSP sound more natural. Not once during these demos did I feel like I was listening in a German bathtub :)

IMO, the height really adds a nice sense of spaciousness for movies.


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Thanks Gene! Look forward to your official review!

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