Yamaha A-S2100 Integrated Amplifier & CD-S2100 CD/SACD Player Preview

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    Yamaha's new A-S2100 integrated amplifier and CD-S2100 CD/SACD player are a big departure from the old 2000 line...in a good way. Taking their styling cues from Yamaha's flagship A-S3000 and CD-S3000, the new 2100 series makes a bold aesthetic statement. Moreover, performance looks to be top notch thanks to a floating, balanced amplifier topology on the A-S2100 and the use of an ESS SABRE DAC on the CD-S2100. As you might guess, these new components aren't cheap, but at half the cost of the 3000 line, they can give a taste of Yamaha's flagship performance for a lot less.


    Read the Yamaha A-S2100 Integrated Amplifier and CD-S2100 SACD Player Preview

    Vintage Yamaha lovers, are you diggin the retro look?Share your thoughts.
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    I'm sorry, I just don't know how a $3,500 cd player could be considered "Pretty Cool", even if it can be used as a dac. The styling is pretty generic looking, and the Sabre DAC can be found in other products for considerably less. I'll stick with my oppo.
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    I have demo'd every model from the AS 300 on up, and they are all amazing for their price point.
    I bought both the AS 300 and recently the AS 2100. I tested the CD 2000 and it was nice, but I would not pay that money for a plastic tray. Now an aluminum tray and extra isolation and external sources is a no brainer. If you can pay for the amp, the complimentary player is a must. I was saving for a Mcintosh, but this unit will satisfy me for some time until I work out the details of the Mcintosh transport to Europe. But that's another story.

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