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    I had the Note 7. I never had issues with it until the last day, I was turning it back in to my IT Department. I brought it in my laptop bag, and when I took it out it was very, very hot so I immediately shut it off. That was the first time it ever got that hot.

    I took safety measures before that happened, while I was waiting for my LG V20 to be available for order. I used charged my phone in my bathtub (No I am not Joking) overnight in case it exploded and never charged it in the car.

    Happy to say the LG V20 is a great phone, I love the second screen on top as it has proved very useful. The sound quality is a marked improvement over my iPhone 7 Plus. The battery life is a little poor, but overall It is my #1 device over my personal IPhone 7 Plus.

    Many people have short term memory with Samsung's quality control issues and have gone back. I never will.

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