The Truth About Amplifier Power Ratings

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    Ever wonder why the boom box you bought at Best Buy has a higher power rating than your dedicated two-channel power amplifier? Amplifier power ratings are usually honest in Hi-Fi equipment, but become very silly when it comes to the 'mass market' systems and even some of the latest Class D amplifier offerings. Few amps have a dynamic headroom of better than 1 or 2dB, and the greater the headroom, usually the cheaper the power supply for the rated power. This article explores the history of power ratings for consumer audio and also busts the myth about 'RMS' power.

    Discuss "The Truth About Amplifier Power Ratings" here. Read the article.
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    Putting this in one bite sized capsule is long overdue. It should be required reading for anyone in this hobby.
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    Great article, it's very interesting how far they go to pump up those numbers.
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    You need to do an article featuring the other side --- Ultra high End Gear. How much of their claims are true?

    This is from Goldmund, describing their Telos 2500 amp.

    Telos 2500

    A new monster is born. Many of our faithful customers have already successfully adopted the Telos 600, which was received with unanimous acclaim as the best amplifier ever made. However, a few also regretted the extraordinary work of art we made in the Millennium Mechanics and the corresponding authority provided by the ultimate "Mechanical Grounding" construction.

    As powerful as it is, the Telos 600 with its incredible dynamics, only tempted users of ultra-low impedance speakers where the current capability of the new amp seemed insufficient.

    Now, both have their dreams come true with the new and ultimate Telos 2500 from Goldmund, adding to the incredible accuracy of the Telos 600 much more power on low impedance speakers and the exact mechanical construction of the famous Millennium amplifier. The Telos 2500 is the same size and same finish as the Millenium amplifier, except for the conventional front screen. The Telos 2500 has the final sonic authority given by the most advanced "Mechanical Grounding" construction ever made by Goldmund. And it can play louder.... And better.... A dream come true.

    * 2500W on 1 Ohms FPP (Fast Pulse Power before clipping) Mono Power Amplifier.
    * High-Power newest JOB 5 high-bandwidth circuitry.
    * Thermal Grounding full implementation with much increased gold-plated copper buffer plate.
    * 12 separate high-power transformers and separate power supply for the safety circuitry.
    * Balanced and unbalanced analogue inputs and RCA digital input/output.
    * Alize 6 input D/A converter with improved linearity and static protection.
    * Full DC, HF and overload speakers and amplifier protection.
    * Input attenuation adjustment (-9dB, -6dB, -3dB, 0, +3dB, +6dB, +9dB).
    * 3 x Goldmund coaxial speaker cable and 3 x 5-way binding post connectors.
    * Millennium amplifier chassis with Goldmund ultimate mechanical grounding.
    * Unique circuit time accuracy : better than 100ps.
    * Size and weight: 460 W x 515 D x 330 H, 75kg.

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