Pro Audio Technology LFC-24sm Subwoofer Preview

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    An "ordinary" subwoofer like the SVS PB13-Ultra is great stuff if your theater room isn't the size of an auditorium; but what happens if your room is a lot closer in size to a commercial cinema than the typical Audioholics Bassaholic "Extreme" room and you want teeth shattering SPLs to fill such a room?

    Pro Audio Technology might just have something to pique your interest: their new LFC-24sm subwoofer. Due to be publicly debuted at CEDIA in Denver, price is yet to be determined; however, with a parts list that includes an 88lbs 24" woofer and 1000W amplifier, we're guessing it's not going to be inexpensive. If you're interested to see what this monster is capable of, keep reading.
    Read the Pro Audio Technology LFC-24sm Subwoofer Preview

    Who want's one....or two???

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