Mothers Day Electronics Gift Guide 2012

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    Every year I take it upon myself to educate you in the art of bringing our collective mothers into the 21st century properly. And lest you think that's going to be accomplished by brainwashing her into listening to uncompressed music on a separates system while waxing eloquent on the merits of 10 gauge lamp cord speaker cables... well, let's start a bit smaller. The larger items on our list will be there simply because they represent a way to deliver "audio-creep" into your living space in a way that is attractive to a mom, thus enabling you to get a foothold and encourage her to enjoy a little bit more of the hobby. Other items are just cool gadgets that we think she'll really enjoy. Still others are items designated for moms already well-integrated into the digital age. If you've got that kind of mom, or wife, then consider yourself fortunate!

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    You know what my wife asked for which is so simple but really great to have...a "Lapdesk/Lap Caddy". Makes perfect sense. The cushion bottom for the uneven surfaces and the table top so the laptop fan has room for circulation without getting block by blankets, pillows, pj's.....etc. It's techy like and personal too. Not only that, I can borrow it.:D

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