Mass Fidelity Relay Hi-Fi Wireless Receiver Review

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    Can you use the words "Bluetooth" and "high-quality audio" in the same sentence? That's what we'll explore, and that's what Mass Fidelity is going after with their new Relay Hi-Fi Wireless Receiver. This $249 Bluetooth receiver is a very simplistic-looking product. In fact, it's milled out of a solid block of aluminum and it has these really nice rounded corners that makes it look like something Apple's chief designer Jony Ive would approve of. The receiver integrates well with any hi-fi audio system. I mean ANY system. You just connect the stereo analogue outputs on the back to your AV receiver or preamp and you're ready to go.

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    Apt-X is a very good thing but for $99 you can get an Apple TV and send audio (losslessly!) over Airplay. You can also use a program like Airfoil to send audio from your computer to the Apple TV. The ATV has an optical out and can go into any DAC you may have. Of course, the advantage here is for those who don't have Apple devices and don't want to put money down on a DAC/receiver/whatever.

    Apt-X seems like a big step forward, approaching the fabled "good enough!" even for those of us seeking high quality. Who knows where we'll be at in five years - well into complete transparency even from our mobile devices, hopefully.

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