kubxlab Earshots Portable Speakers Preview and Hands On

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    The kubxlab Earshots are very small (the size of a shot glass), portable, rechargeable speakers for your mobile device or laptop. They are what amounts to a tweeter in a small case. While we like the design, the sound leaves something to be desired. With a 3.5mm connection to your computer or device, they aren't trying to be wireless with all the hassles that often come up with those types of connections. Since they are two different speakers that can be located in different places, they will provide a stereo image - something many portable speakers claim to do but often fail miserably. When all you want is an upgrade to your laptop's speakers so that you can enjoy some music, being small and light is probably enough. Add in that they operate on a Li-Ion battery so you can use them anywhere and it is easy to see why someone would want to spend $50 on the kubxlab Earshots. Until they hear them that is.

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