Cambridge Audio Minx Air 200 Wireless Music System Review

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    Wireless Music Systems are trending hard this year. Now we've got even the high end audio companies dipping into this market. Enter the Minx Air200 from Cambridge Audio. This is an AirPlay and Bluetooth Speaker for $600.

    Unboxing the speaker I liked the size of the Air200. It's substantial. Sitting at 7.2" high and nearly 18" wide, it's much larger than I had expected and weighs 11 pounds. The Air200 is white with a silver rim and gray speaker grill cloth that spans the entire face of the system. On top are 5 Internet Radio preset buttons and controls for Volume, Power and Source.

    Can this product live up to the price tag and brand hype? You're gonna have to watch our Video review of this baby to find out.


    Cambridge Audio Minx Air 200 Wireless Music System Review

    Are you a fan of Cambridge Audio? Do you find this product appealing? Let us know.
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