Audioengine 2+ Premium Powered Desktop Speakers Preview

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    If you wanted a direct connection from your computer to your Audioengine A2 speakers, the $249 A2+ have what you need. While they are still lacking a headphone output (maybe they are saving that for the A2++), the USB connection is now available. For those that wanted additional bass out of their A2 speakers, the A2+ now have a variable output for adding a sub. Basically it looks like Audioengine read all the reviews their products have gotten and took the biggest complaints and fixed them with the A2+. That just sounds like good business to us. If you are looking for "real" speakers for your desk and you're on a budget, the A2+ should definitely be on your list.

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    I had Audioengine 2 for a long time, and they're exceptional value for money, bass is not so much there, but otherwise it's surprising how well they perform considering price and size of the speakers :D
    Just keep your eye on the volume control because they start behaving really bad if you run them too hard but what can you expect from a 2.75" woofer :p

    I don't think the 2+ could be any worse in that regards when it comes to cost/value proposition :p
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    I found the same. They've become my go to mini speakers. I've used them in trade shows for small POS displays, lobbies wanting inexpensive hidden sound, art installations lol. You name it.

    I must have purchased or had someone else purchase 10 pairs by now.. never had one show up bad, and usually the people/companies I show them to end up /at least/ getting some for their desk haha.

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