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    I recently bought 2 ATI amps from Classic Audio Parts & sent in 2 warranty cards (for 7 yrs warranty). I did not get a confirmation from ATI, so I inquired and wrote them an email:

    Hi Mike,
    Is Classic Audio Parts an Authorized B-stock ATI dealer?
    I bought a couple of amps from them (AT3002 & AT3005) and I sent in both warranty cards over a month ago, but I have not received any confirmation back from ATI.

    ATI replied to my email:

    Yes they are authorized and your cards have been received. ATI does not acknowledge receipt of the cards. Keep your receipt as proof of purchase.

    Best Regards,
    Mike Pontelle
    Sales & Marketing

    Tel: 818-343-4777
    FAX: 818-343-7444
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    ATI is a great company and they stand behind their products, besides they are the OEM for a few high end companies which I am sure that you are aware of. You made a good choice choosing ATI since there are so many high end amps out there and you could have paid 3 or 4 fold for the same amp, which ATI actually makes. In other words you got your great amps streight from the source. Besides they know where every amp goes, they controll these amps like they're golden nuggets.
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    I've never had a company respond that they've received a warranty card I've sent them. Seems like normal behavior.

    ATI equipment is very, very good. If you have speakers that have especially low impedances at audible frequencies (less than 2.5 ohms) there might be better choices, but for most normal speakers ATI amps are more than adequate, and they are built superbly well.

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