Anyone use an internet radio?

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    Has anyone purchased an internet radio that they'd like to reccomend? Or does anyone posibly have reccomendations for internet radio stations?

    Most internet radios seem to have very poor sound quality.

    I had considered purchasing an internet receiver to tie into my main stereo system but I have had children since buying all of that equipment and my priorities have changed from pursing a audiophile grade high end system to using portable/semiportable devices that have acceptable sound quality. I will be selling of my main system and replacing with a portable internet radio and maybe a decent pair of bookshelf speakers with a stereo receiver in the home office.

    I recently purchased the Sangean wfr-1 and have had it for about six months. For a portable unit I have been very pleased with the sound quality and performance. It has dropped the wifi connection once in the past six months of daily use. I really enjoy the variety of content that can be listened to via the internet. It beats the pants off of listening to the same 20 songs on a loop on terrestrial FM stations.

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