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Oct 30, 2007
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Benedict MN
Critical care physician

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Audioholic Overlord, from Benedict MN

TLS Guy was last seen:
Jun 22, 2017 at 11:52 AM
    1. Rob Harrison
      Rob Harrison
      Dear Sir:

      I respectfully request your assistance in modelling/design for a new subwoofer for my son's 2008 Subaru Legacy sedan. Using Dayton Audio's RSS315HO-44, DVC sub.
      I am sold on vented designs.
      I have two pairs of Polk Audio 6.5" separates and the sub enclosure will reside in the trunk.
      Regards, Rob
    2. crossedover
      Can you chime in on this
      I do a lot of field recordings and my point is on the engineering side. I don't believe in jitter removal post production but I do believe it's audible and it occurs post production. I may be wrong but would appreciate some advice from someone who records
    3. Alex2507

      Just curious if this would work with an AR Model B (?). Shoot, I think that's the name of my TT. It's early and I'm almost late but I wanted to ask before I got going.

    4. Alex2507

      Maybe you could lend a hand in answering a good man's question.

    5. acoustique
      sorry for disturb but you know the Focal Chorus 806v?some opinion please?thx!regards.
    6. Gordonj
      Ok Doc, can i have you be my doctor? Since your attention to detail and your love of the "right tractor" (John Deere GP) is above reproach i cant go wrong!

      Thanks for elevating the "conversations".

    7. jp_over
      I'd be looking for a used speaker system between 10 - 20K (total cost). Certainly, for this range I'd like to avoid adding subwoofers and have a fully active system that’s capable of accurately producing musical instruments down to the lowest frequencies found in classical music (outside of the pipe organ). I'm looking for suggestions on specific models from ATC that meet this criteria. Thanks!
    8. bikemig
      I liked your post on Handel's Messiah; I also like the LSO recording as well! Miguel
    9. jp_over
      Dr. Mark,

      Your PM box is full... Thanks for the review of your ATC visit; it was much appreciated!

      Since our musical tastes are quite similar, as I search for my 2.0, 2.1, or even 2.2 music only system, I'd like to ask: Would you prefer a B&W 802D or an ATC active? If the ATC, which model? Can sub integration be as accurate as a high end (such as the B&W 802D or 802N) passive or active 3 way?

      I ask these questions as I've been watching audiogon and would like to hone my searches.

      As always, your expert opinion is highly valued!
    10. Alex2507
      I just saw that you made Pearl's ignore list but he has turntable questions.
      This image immediately sprang to mind.


      I guess he doesn't know that you are the candy man. :D
    11. Alex2507
      Hey Mark, It's time for me to start thinking about acoustical damping.
      It's being discussed here.
    12. Alex2507
      Yesterday I started assembling enclosures for an alignment you gave me 3 years ago. You had about halved the Vb from a different alignment that had been recommended and now that I have the boxes assembled they look huge. External 18x18x22. I will use them responsibly so as not to earn you the contempt of my neighbors. ;)
    13. TapeMaster
      Is my EQ one of the best ADC ever made? Model ss 300 sl
    14. TapeMaster
      Just bought an EQ it's a ADC SS-300 SL How'd I do?
    15. sawzalot
      Good Sunday Morning TLS, I would like to ask if you know anything about a particular Reel to Reel I have come across the following: AKAI model # 345 on the reel is the following from RCA VICTOR complete soundtrack from HATAR with the Henry something or other Complete Orchestra. If you think it will stir up a nice thread I will start and post a pic. Thanks, sawzalot.
    16. Alex2507
    17. TapeMaster
      Have any experience with Quadraflex Pro Sound Equipment?
    18. TLS Guy
      TLS Guy
      I agree Brian needs a thrashing. I think he got one!
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    Benedict MN
    Critical care physician
    I have a passion for speaker design. I have done live recording for public radio and do audio archiving. I do some historic audio restoration

    Audio and electronics. Old tractors and vehicles. Marine restoration. Sailing



    Marantz DV 9600 Oppo BD-83 Marantz AV 8003 Quad current dumping amps X 7 Direct TV HD 20 HD DVR Carter audio workstation RME Fireface 800 Fujitsu 50XHA40 Front left and right Carter dual transmission line studio monitors MK II. Center Carter coaxial transmission line center speaker Rear Carter NFM-1s Center backs Carter dual transmission line studio monitors MK I.
    My System:
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