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Sep 26, 2006
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Audioholic Overlord

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May 7, 2017
    1. Alex2507
      On the profile page you click on Information to see started threads. Those are Salk SongTower RTs (Ribbon Tweeters). They use the original LYC ribbon tweeter that precedes the RAAL ribbons used now.
    2. yettitheman
      Great, you got me looking at Naim stuff now. This will all go away when I wake up in the morning :D
    3. Seth=L
      I no longer have the amplifiers, sorry.
    4. rmalzo
      I am interested in buying the pair of Maranzt Mono Blocks if you still have them. Thanks Ray Malzo
    5. rmalzo
      Do you still have the Maranzt Mono Blocks for sale. I am interested in the pair
    6. mrcigarette
      also a a dv h-350, please let me know if you have an interest , thank you chris
    7. mrcigarette
      sorry about that
    8. jcaldwell64
      Seth, we had been writing months ago about Teac Reference mini systems, if you recall. I sold an AG-H550, you were looking for, only to be disappointed when you finally got one. I had a question regarding speakers. I have a set of Energy RC Mini's and I was wonder if taking out the damping material would be beneficial to increased bass? Sounds lke it to me when I took the foam out. They had surprisingly low bass, although they are pretty small. Any harm in doing so? Very well constructed, so I am not worried about ancillary noises or rattling.

      Thanks, Jim
    9. yettitheman
      I was going to say something, but then realized that whatever I was going to say, was supposed to be uninteresting.
    10. walter duque
      walter duque
      Thanks for correcting me on that.
    11. walter duque
      walter duque
      Can you please fill me in on that "is that your call sign" I just don't get it.
    12. KEW
      Your contribution to Craig7's "back to school" thread absolutely tore me up!!!
      It was perfect, and I almost busted a gut!!!
    13. Lordoftherings
      One more fact, Onkyo receivers don't run any warmer than Denon, Yamaha, Marantz or any other receiver's brands.
      I know, I own the Onkyo 805, 876 and 906. ...Gave the 805 to my brother though. And now I own the 886 pre/pro.

      It's the CEC control that makes them hotter; you just have to disable it. Also, if you bypass the video processing it helps too.
      And if you do have to use the video processing, the most effective solution is to glue a heat sink on top of the VP chip (from an old computer perhaps, or get one from a computer shop), that's all, don't even need a fan on top. This is another fact.
      I wouldn't say if I was not sure of what I'm talking about.
      ...And it just happened that I do.


      P.S. If you can read this, would it be too much asking you to just let me know? ...Just post a message under my username. Nobody is going to banned you permanently for that right? And you ain't afraid of negative rep (red chicks) right? ;)
    14. Lordoftherings
      Seth, the newer Onkyo and Integra receivers used two output transistors per channel versus four on their previous models.
      BUT, these newer output transistors are HUGE (twice the size from the previous ones). They are very powerful and two of them is plenty efficient and sufficient as the new power consumption is now raised to 11.8 and 12.8 Amps versus the older ones at 9.5 and 9.8 Amps. This is a Fact.

      TLS GUY is simply expressing his bias view against Onkyo products that's all. He knows nothing about Triple-Step Inverted Darlington Power Amp Circuitry. Emotiva Amps are using the exact same topography with also 4 output transistors, on their regular models.
      Only the XPA-2 and XPA-1 uses more transistors per channel.

      You are one of the most down to earth member left at AH along with WmAx (Chris), PENG, 3db, and few more.
      It amazes me to see all the unknowledgeable people on this site, or with very stubborn views.

    15. adk highlander
      adk highlander
      Hey you were one of the first guys to help me out here! I like the new avatar.:)
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