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Oct 26, 2016
    1. FirstReflection
      A great alternative company for acoustic products is acoustimac . Their panels are just the insulation material with a minimal frame and fabric covering. They're less expensive, thinner, and still quite effective. But start with GiK's free service.

      GiK's advice shouldn't be too dissimilar from mine, but they might have some good ideas for treating the odd shapes of your room.

      I hope that's of some help!
    2. FirstReflection
      Other than that, you're not too bad. Your seat is away from the back wall, so that's not much of an issue. You could put a big 6" bass trap directly behind your seat on the back wall to further improve the room's bass balance and remove any hint of direct reflections off of that back wall. But it's not as important as getting the front of your room treated.

      I'd highly recommend that you take advantage of GiK Acoustics' FREE room analysis service . They are extremely knowledgeable and helpful over at GiK. And the prices for their products are among the least expensive. Their panels tend to be quite thick though - they incorporate an air gap behind the actual insulation material, which improves performance, but makes the panels deeper from front to back.
    3. FirstReflection
      You could also consider 2" absorption at the "first reflection" points (see where I got my name ;) ) on the side walls and ceiling. Imagine a billiard ball that you shoot from the seat, off of the side wall or ceiling, so that it would hit your speakers. Where you would have to aim the billiard ball on the wall or ceiling to make that shot are the first reflection points. You can find them by having a friend slide a mirror along the wall while you're seated. Wherever you can see the Front speakers in the mirror are your reflection points. The ones closest to the speakers are the first reflection points.

      Now, all of that might be tough to implement for you. You clearly don't have a lot of room to work with. But you basically just want to deaden that front portion of your room.
    4. FirstReflection
      OK. Well I can see right away the likely source of your audio problems. Your front speakers are all very close to the walls. You don't have much of a choice - you're very restricted in terms of placement options. But right now, you're getting a huge amount of "boundary gain", which is where the early reflections off of the walls amplify the lower frequencies. This will tend to "mask" the higher frequencies, and rob you of detail and clarity.

      The largest help to you would be to treat the front of the room with 4" absorption panels. The areas to treat would be the front wall, directly behind your Front speakers, and on the side walls directly beside the Front speakers.
    5. FirstReflection
      Hi! Thanks for getting in touch and for the kind words :)

      Yes, absolutely, I'd be happy to take a look at your pictures. For $10,000, you should definitely be happy with your setup! That's just not fair if you're less than satisfied ;) The Sierra Towers with the RAAL tweeter are phenominal speakers. But they're only half of the story. The other half is the room itself, so you're right to question your room acoustics if you're not happy with the sound after having spent a very good chunk of change on good equipment!

      I hope I'll be able to help :)
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