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Oct 23, 2014
Oct 13, 2010
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Miami, FL

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Audioholic Chief, from Miami, FL

MidnightSensi2 was last seen:
Oct 23, 2014
    1. MidnightSensi2
      haha, sup Jamie, friend request sent!

      I know, I gotta get back on here, having audio withdrawals
    2. jamie2112
      LOL, your last check in was at 4:20 hehehehe sup bro ? Jamie Rephann(Jamo) on FB
    3. MidnightSensi2
      Thanks man! Yeah, haha, I just plain couldn't post finally. Then I was like, pft, I'll just make another account, what's the difference. I'll remember to never try to use any apps or anything on here that way I don't screw it up again and have to make MidnightSensi3 haha.
    4. majorloser
      Welcome back.
      We thought some psycho Audition chick had you chained up in the closet.
    5. MidnightSensi2
      Thanks man!

      Haha, yeah, Facebook dominated me. haha. It just kept asking me to the login, and I don't even have a login anymore...then when I'd go to post it would request a login again.. never was able to find a way to remove it. Oh well.

      Haha, nah, just leave your account unless it has a problem...then you can make it Alex 2508 haha.
    6. Alex2507
      Welcome back ... Noob. :D So that facebook kicked your @ss, huh? I'm surprised you couldn't get out from under it's clutch. I want a fresh start too but a stealthy one however I suspect I would be discovered upon uttering f^%& three times in one post. :)
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    Miami, FL


    H/T: JTR T8 LCRs, M&K S150 rears, Danley CS30 subs, Onkyo Professional pre-pro, dbX dsp, Crest & Crown Amps, Epson Pro 8500
    2.1 Studio: Bag End PM6s & Infra Pro 12", Focusrite AD-DA, MacBook Pro 15" Retna, Technics 1200s
    Photo Studio: Danley Sound, Crown XTi2000s, dbX dsp, BenQ projector, Tascam LA81mkII, Oppo93, WD Live

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