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Dec 7, 2011
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Jan 1, 2013
    1. timoteo
      Hey what's up!
      Yeah I've owned my 683s for a few years now & I still love coming home to listen to them!! If you have a large room & listen at high volumes then the Emotiva amp is a great idea. In fact an amp is always a great idea:) But I have to admit that it is not absolutely needed. The 683s system is an average load for a receiver to drive. Yes they do dip to 3.2 ohms at some frequencies. but I've had them hooked up to 3 different AVRs & they have always gotten plenty loud & sounded great.

      The Emotiva XPA-5 is a very nice brute of an amp. Very detailed with headroom to spare! Plus Emotiva's customer service is excellent!!

      I use my system for everything, Blurays, TV, Turntable, Wii, Streaming etc. Once properly positioned & setup, the B&Ws really sound beautiful. I would honestly say that I'm 90% happy with them for movies & 75% happy with them for music (I'm picky). For their price range though they really shine with the FST midrange driver.
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