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Chantilly, VA
Audio Video Senior Systems Engineer - Focus on Cre

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Audioholic Spartan, from Chantilly, VA

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Jul 26, 2017 at 9:30 AM
    1. Shrader
      Figured I would ask you in a p.m., rather than start a new thread. I need a screen for a projector, I will be purchasing a panasonic pt ar100u the calculator says 100" for a throw distance of 13' can I use a 110" ? and still be o.k.? and also should i have a white screen with 1:1 gain or 1:3, or should I get a gray screen? It will be in a basement, which is light controlled, but I will be using it a lot in a "bar type" setting with some lights on. Thanks for any advice, really new to the projector world. Adam
    2. RollTide22
      Hey BMXTRIX

      I been lurking for awhile...on the board and read alot of your posts and respect your opinion, you have taught me alot about projectors. I need a recommendation if you dont mind!

      Im looking for an entry level projector ( small budget of like $600-900) Theses are all the perimeters that are involved.

      I want to be able to watch football games, as big as I can--somewhere in the 100-120 screen range also including outside at night on the deck (portability) along with the the occasional DVD.

      I also need to be able play back video clips from football games. Im a coach. The easiest way to do that.

      Thanks for your help!
    3. Swerd
      An AH map is a good idea. I'm in. The stalkers probably already know where we are, so why not let everyone else know too.
    4. ThirdEye
      Excellente, I appreciate it!
    5. ThirdEye
      Hey, BMXTRIX. I've been incredibly busy lately and just got a chance to read your last post on my thread. I just want to personally apologize for coming off as defensive. As you know, I’ve been highly frustrated with this project because it’s a bit out of my comfort zone and because I’m having to rewire when I thought I had a “professional” wire the place correctly. Thanks for understanding!
    6. BMXTRIX
      I've had very little experience with their screens so I would go to AVS Forum to try to find a bit of useful information. Most of what I get from their screens is what I pick up online. In general, I've avoided their product because it just seems to be a safer way for me to go.
    7. FNG212

      I just read a post regarding Elite screens in which you say their cinewhite is not great. What have your experiences been with their Spectrum Series in MaxWhite? Will be pairing the screen with Epson 8350.

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    Chantilly, VA
    Audio Video Senior Systems Engineer - Focus on Cre
    Not much to say about me, I have a family, kids, job. Do tricks on my bike. Also run my own AV company part time. If my writing seems familiar to other sites I typically go by the user name AV_Integrated elsewhere.

    Family, Flatland Freestyle Bicycling (BMXTRIX), Playing With My AV Stuff


    AV Integrated - Theater, whole house audio, and technology consultation during the build and installation process in the Washington DC, Northern VA, and MD area.
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