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Nov 30, 2005
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Aug 25, 2016
    1. audiofox

      I replaced a Panny AE900u with the JVC, which was a major step up in almost every way-effective lumens, resolution, convenience and picture quality. My wife is the biggest sports addict I know, and she is very happy with the projector-we've been watching the NHL games as the league moves toward playoffs, and we will be parked in front of the proj screen tonight to watch the first of the playoff games. The 250 has sufficient lumens in "dynamic" mode to watch most sporting events with some indirect lighting-the lack of black content and the relatively small dynamic range of the video helps, but it is much better than my old Panny in that respect. Movies with lots of dark scenes do require light control-my room has motorized shades but tan colored walls, but I have no trouble watching dark movies (like Sin City, for example) in Cinema mode in the middle of the day (as long as my wife lets me watch something other than sports!!). Go for it!

    2. ACMovies
      Hello Jeff,

      My name is Angelo and Pual Vail (AV Integrated) referenced you a contact in regards to a JVC 250 HD projector that he had sold to you. I am currently on the fence between purchasing the JVC 250 or the EPSON 8700UB!! I have a dedicated theater room that has Black Ceiling / Black Carpet / Dark Walls / 100% controll of all ambient light - no windows, and the room is 11 1/2ft by 20ft. My main questions is obvious, has the unit performed up to your standards? But for me, one of my main concerns is how it performs for sporting events (Football / NASCAR) and other Directv programming? Searched the internet and have had little success in finding screen shots of the JVC 250! I appreciate any input you may be able to provide in helping me make my selection.

      Thanks Again,

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