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Dec 9, 2003
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Wausau, WI

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Moderator, from Wausau, WI

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Feb 26, 2017 at 8:16 PM
    1. sawzalot
      Good Day my friend , could I get a mod to change the title of our fantasy football from 2014 to of course 2015 I just posted in that thread so it should be at the top today , I dont ever see the need to start a new thread and take up needed space here Thanks sawz.
    2. Alex2507
      12" TC Sounds LMSR Subwoofer - $185

      Would you? Should I? Please say no. :D
      1. Ron Young likes this.
    3. Beatmatcher247
      Thanks, it does sound great but the room sure doesn't ;). I'm hoping my grandmas help me out. Can't wait till the day I can afford to build a home in the country the right way so I can really get my moneys worth out of my system and not ruin anyone else's day. I would love to do 4-6 LMS-5400 builds some day with 4k watt pro crown amps on each one.
    4. roleydre
      hey sorry for cursing ,i can get carried away sometimes...
    5. annunaki
      I am using one for a sub project, yes. Not the smallest form factor but aesthetically pleasing.
    6. Alex2507
      I'm curious about what you used Jeff's A-500 amps for.
      Hopefully it's a mid budget small form factor dual sub project.
      My living room needs help.
    7. annunaki
      No worries mate!

      Timing belts stink to replace. I have done quite few on various vehicles.

      It is ok to live vicariously through others in the interim.

      All in good time right! :)
    8. Alex2507
      My hands are absolutely filthy with DIY. Replacing a timing belt on a stupid Ford Focus that has leaked oil and coolant has me looking like I slept in the dump. DIY audio is only being held back by finances. I have the desire and ability ... just lacking the ching. :)
    9. Seth=L
      Thank you so much, for being my friend.:D
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