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Sep 7, 2002
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Aug 31, 1961 (Age: 55)
Ottawa Canada
Systems Admin

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Audioholic Overlord, 55, from Ottawa Canada

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Jul 26, 2017 at 12:02 PM
    1. Big Dub Sounds
      Big Dub Sounds
      Hey 3db, you seem to be quite familiar with PSB. Thoughts on the Image 2b's and how they compare to Polk RTI A 3's?
    2. KEW
      You posted photos and FR graph for the Rythmik F8. Can you give me a link or otherwise direct me to any additional information and discussion that might be out there? I am especially wondering about dimensions.
    3. billy p
      billy p
      Oh crap...I just noticed I messed up the prices in my 1st reponse...the driver retails for ~300.00+ cdn shipped and the Bash s500 could be had for ~230.00 cdn...also I meant to say 500w not 500k in my return post....:o
    4. Scumfrog
      You are more than welcome. I am still learning(aren't we all) and am happy to share my thoughts on this sight. Love to hear about your system!
    5. ptfitzy
      Hello 3db. I saw your name several times in Audioholics and so thought I would ask for your Help. I joined Audioholics in September 2010, but never received approval or somehow I missed the E Mail. I have a Yamaha A/V Receiver HTR-6240, same as the RXV-367 back then. I purchasedthe HTR over a year ago. I set it up using the MIC.
      However, I saw in the Manual that the LFE" Low Frequency Channel can be adjusted. I wanted to add Bass to my "RTR" 100 Watt Subwoofer plugged into the Receiver's Sub jack. I raised the Bass on the front of the Receiver, but it did not give me anymore Bass from the Subwoofer. In the Manual it says "Bass Out" and choices Subwoofer, Front Speakers and Other Speakers. It is so confusing.
      I tried to do what it says Press "Setup" then "Up" or "Down" Cursor and select an item to change and thenPress Setup to finish. I tried that but I'm not able to change the "LFE" on the Subwoofer. Any help would be appreciated.
    6. billy p
      billy p
      Looks like Gene took you up on getting PSB into the ultimate sub review...your hard work has has finally paid off...jk.

      Regards, Bill :)
    7. 3db
      c'mon over to the dark side Alex.. Besides, i think the monkey AVI would look good in Darth Vader mask. :p
    8. Alex2507
      Freakin' Canadian code talkers ... loonies and toonies are 1 and 2 dollar coins.
      I will continue to expose you hosers. :p :D
    9. billy p
      billy p
      I can relate to that. Having 3 kids myself .... I usually save money on the side for any of my AV purchases...those loonies and toonies come in handy and accumulate rapidly...lol
    10. 3db
      Not yet. Money is kinda tight at the moment. I'll have t wait til fall as my olders is going to attend University.
    11. billy p
      billy p
      Have you contacted the guy about making a sub for you?
      Just curious, Bill
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    Aug 31, 1961 (Age: 55)
    Ottawa Canada
    Systems Admin
    Nothing really to share


    Main System/Second System
    Receiver Yamaha RX-V1800/Yamaha RX-V1500
    Turntable ProJect Xpression III with Ortofon Red
    Cassette Deck Yamaha KX-800U
    Yamaha BD-S681/Sony BDP-S360
    Media Player Iomega with 1TB internal drive/WD TV Live Plus + 3TB USB drive
    Display Samsung UN65KU6491 65"/Vizio SV-470M 47"
    Speakers PSB Image T-45
    /Alphas Front, PSB Image 8C/100C Center, PSB Image 1B/Alpha Mites Surrounds
    Subwoofer Rythmic LV12-R/PSB Subsonic 5
    Remotes: Logitech Harmony 650 for both systems
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